Let your creativity run wild with our 5 Accordion Books Challenge!


What Is the Accordion Books  Challenge?

In this challenge, I (Ali Manning) teach you how to create 5 unique accordion books. Each book is a blank canvas just waiting for your personal creative mark.

Never made a book or journal before? No problem!

Crafters of all types—mixed media artists, painters, quilters, bookbinders—are welcome to join the challenge community! These accordion journals are simple and low stress. You just need two sheets of 22" x 30" paper and a few other basic supplies to take part. This challenge also features five different watercolor techniques from guest artists to include in your book.

Accordion books are a great way to showcase your artwork. You can store them on a shelf or proudly display them in your home!

When you purchase the challenge, here's what you get:

Instructional Videos for 5 Accordion Books

In addition to the instructional videos, there are videos to help you prepare and printable instructions to help you follow along.

There is no live component—all instruction is prerecorded.

5 Watercolor Techniques from Guest Artists

To help you decorate your books, look no further than the 5 amazing guest artist watercolor lessons included in this challenge.

Each watercolor lesson is tailored to one of the challenge books!

The Books You'll Make

01: 8-Pocket Accordion

This book has 8 pockets where you can place decorated tags or other small pieces of art!

02: 4-Panel Accordion

The 4-panel accordion has 4 panels plus a flap to keep the book secure.

03: Layered Accordion

For this book, you'll do some light sewing to create layers.

04: Spinning Accordion

A version of the 4-panel accordion, this book has 4 spinning panels for you to decorate.

05: Flag Book

The flag book is an excellent way to display artwork (and looks impressive to boot!).


Here's What Other Challenge Takers Made...

Meet the Guest Artists

Each challenge book comes with an additional video from one of our guest artists that shows you a new watercolor technique!

Andrea Chebeleu

Visit Andrea's website here.

Joanne Sharpe

Visit Joanne's website here.

Kat Kirby

Visit Kat's website here.

Roben-Marie Smith

Visit Roben-Marie's website here.

Kristin Williams

Visit Kristin's website here.

Meet Ali

Years ago I learned about handmade books, and ever since then I’ve been hooked. I love creating new designs, learning about different techniques and expanding my collection of paper. But what I love most about bookmaking is the community.

Through Vintage Page Designs and the Handmade Book Club, I’ve met thousands of other passionate bookmakers, mixed media artists and crafters. We all share a love of book arts and crafting just for the joy of it.

I believe that bookbinding and book arts are for everyone, regardless of skill level or equipment. All you need is a little creativity and, of course, paper!

Gillian C

"I am really liking this format of workshop. I can work to my own schedule and pace. The directions are also really good: precise but not having to print out excessive pages. Thank you to the team."

Mikki G

"Your teaching couldn’t be more clear; your execution any better; and your teamwork any more lovely! You all just might make a bookmaker out of me yet! What a FABULOUS class!"

Lu F

"I loved everything about this class! The 'bite sized' steps, clear pictures & instructions & your lovely soothing voice made this so enjoyable! You have started me on the path to bookmaking."

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