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  • Monthly project
  • Access to book project library
  • Incredible community
  • Free monthly mixed media lesson
  • Guest artists
  • Online retreats & swaps
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  • Special sessions for beginners
  • Exclusive post-COVID in person meet-ups
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Join The Handmade Book Club

We simplify traditional bookbinding techniques for the modern maker. 

Inside the Handmade Book Club you'll enjoy the support and friendship of other paper-addicted makers.

We are painters, printmakers, quilters, art journalers and mixed media artists who love to create their own unique handmade books.

In addition pre-recorded video lessons, there are several virtual meetings each month, day-long retreats, swaps and a thriving Facebook community.

We share resources, inspiration, our struggles and victories.

Monthly Project

On the first of the month you receive access to a new bookbinding project. All videos are pre-recorded. The level of difficulty varies each month. Enjoy an inspiration gallery by your fellow bookmakers.

Guest Artists

Included in your membership is a monthly hour-long mixed media classes which teaches a technique to go inside your journal. We also host a quarterly online retreat with a guest artist.


There is a monthly community meeting that includes small group show & tell, club guests and galleries of ideas. We also hold new member mixers and local gatherings. There is also a thriving Facebook group and non-Facebook community forum. 

Resource Library

You'll have access to a large resource library of basic bookbinding techniques. Additionally, we hold live sessions where we cover basic concepts, such as thread, book board and paper choices.

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Judy B

Not only has your book club inspired me, taught me and been my lifeline through Covid, I realize that I have found a group of people just like me!

Liz N

A newbie like me feels so welcomed, and I feel no pressure to do anything perfectly, or rigidly adhere to any standards.

Pam C

I have been frustrated with trying to learn the process through YouTube videos and Pinterest step by steps.  Yours is by far the best program I have found.  THANK YOU!!!!

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